Tony Carter

Tony Carter MSc MRTPI

Carter-Smith is an independent town planning consultancy based in the North East of England, specialising in securing planning consents for a wide range of development projects across the North East and beyond. Our experience, skills and services are there to enable clients achieve their development aspirations. We take a pragmatic and personal approach for every project and each client receives a tailored planning service to meet their needs. We help clients get the best value out of their land or property whilst providing clear and realistic advice at affordable prices.

The business is committed to following best-practice guidelines for the submission of planning applications, saving time and money for clients and helping local authorities to process applications as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are a team of  Charter Town Planning Consultants who are members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), fully trained and professionally qualified.  All members of the RTPI are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct setting out required standards of practice and ethics. The Institute requires planning professionals to meet and maintain high standards of competence and conduct themselves in a way that inspires trust and confidence in the profession.

Tony is an experienced Chartered Town Planner, working as a Planning Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in development management. Skilled in Urban Planning, Project Management, Sustainability, Public Policy, and Land Use Planning. Tony is a strong community and social services professional with a Master of Science (MSc) degree, focused in City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning from Newcastle University.

Tony submits and manages pre-application enquiries and full planning applications for a variety of clients. He also submits and manages appeals to the Planning Inspectorate, and can assist with objection letters to development.  Tony carries out site appraisals, and advises on the likelihood of obtaining planning consent for a variety of projects. 



The earlier years of my planning career introduced me to various working environments and encouraged me to adopt a professional and confident attitude to customers and colleagues alike. My experience has allowed me to become accustomed to team working in various capacities as well as providing opportunities for me to develop my individual skills using my own initiative. This was enhanced by the demands of my former role as a Principal Planning Officer in local government, which drew upon customer focus and professional skills, ensuring my growth as a self-motivated, achieving individual is always demonstrated.

My work involves the preparation of detailed and complex reports which entails assessing the building and/or site in terms of both national and local planning policy and presenting comprehensible and well-reasoned arguments as to why applications should be recommended for approval, in a clear and concise manner understandable to all. 

I frequently prepared appeal questionnaires and written statements as well as preparing for Local Hearings and Inquiries. I have attended a number of planning hearings and Inquiries since becoming part of a local authority planning team in 2004. I have dealt with a wide variety of case-loads during my planning career and have a sound knowledge of both the national planning policy and local development control aspects of planning and the interrelationship between them. 


Previously working as a Principal Planning Consultant for a small development company, my role was primarily focused on managing and processing a wide range of planning applications and related matters including householder and minor applications, major applications including retail, commercial and industrial, and others. These matters regularly prompt discussions and meetings, site visits, negotiation on design, assessment of sustainability measures and policy implications, and the preparation and presentation of planning statements to local planning authorities. I managed appeal and enforcement procedures when they arose, which involved preparing comprehensive statements and attending subsequent hearings as and when required. 

I was awarded a Masters Degree (MSc) in Town Planning from Newcastle University and am a fully Chartered Town Planner, a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Town and Country Planning Association.